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More articles by Laurent Ploix

Author Bio
Laurent Ploix is in charge of code quality and efficiency at Sungard Front Arena, a Sweden-based provider of integrated cross-asset, end-to-end solutions. He has been developing front office and back office financial applications since 1996.
For DevX | September 28, 2007
Writing true unit tests is just too difficult in certain scenarios, but you don't have to dismiss testing all together. Here are some tips for making a practical compromise with (less unit-like) integration tests.
For Enterprise Zone | January 16, 2007
Find out what the 12 most troublesome facts of development are, and learn how they can affect efficiency.
For Java Zone | December 14, 2004
Eclipse integrates the JUnit framework to enable seamless test integration in Java, and Python is a great language for writing tests. Learn how to write Eclipse JUnit tests in Jython (Python for Java).
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