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More articles by Lizet Pena de Sola

Author Bio
Lizet Pena de Sola has eight years of experience in software development. She's an MCAD and MCTS in SQL Server 2005. She currently works as technical lead at Computer Aid Canada and is involved in the development of SmartClient applications.
For Database Development Zone | January 11, 2008
A previous DevX article chronicled the data loss that the SQL Server 2005 merge replication engine can cause. Microsoft has since opened an active—although unpublished bug—for it. Find out how this bug manifests itself in real-world scenarios.
For Database Development Zone | November 2, 2007
The SQL Server 2005 merge replication engine introduced breaking changes that can cause data loss for both MSDE and SQL Server Express subscribers. Find out how this bug manifests itself in a real-world scenario.
For .NET Zone | December 20, 2006
The global reach of many applications means organizations must manage the process of translating and keeping track of thousands of resources. The Localization Management Toolkit (currently in beta form) simplifies the process.
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