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More articles by Lori Piquet Cleary

For Java Zone | May 17, 2006
Sun came a lot closer to a promise of open sourcing Java on the first day of JavaOne this year, but meanwhile plenty else is finding its way to the community. Find out about where Java is going in Mustang and Dolphin, what was hot at NetBeans Day, what you can get today in the Java EE 5 edition, and why Borland, among many others, is talking a lot about supporting the heterogeneous open source stack.
For .NET Zone | February 1, 2006
As .NET enters a new stage of maturity, Microsoft asks developers to turn their attention to new productivity features of Team System, announces an imminent release candidate for the Foundation Server, and rolls out some big changes to the professional certification program.
For Web Development Zone | April 19, 2005
Macromedia executives say 'yes' to a merger with competitor Adobe Systems, leaving developers to ponder the landscape ahead for Flash, RIAs, and the PDF format.
For .NET Zone | February 9, 2005
Microsoft executives shed some light on Indigo, while smart clients and version 2 of "VSTO" gain real momentum with developers.
For Enterprise Zone | June 17, 2004
You've had the great idea, written the perfect software, tested it, revised it, debugged it, put it on the Web, and people are downloading it like hotcakes. But where's the money? The real money's on retail store shelves—and you can't get in easily. Find out what the experts say about how to get your commercial applications into retail chains.
For Editorials and Opinions | April 7, 2004
What does $2 billion buy? A lot of opportunities, and all the best ones involve Java directly. Sun's calling the shots—just as it should be—but its newfound friendship with Microsoft makes IBM's hopes for open source Java more 'bonky' than ever.
For Security Zone | February 25, 2004
In keynotes and sessions, Microsoft representatives discuss how security enhancements in XP's upcoming SP2 help prevent attacks and minimize spam, and explain how simplified patch management and some fundamental changes to Windows itself close common avenues of attack. RSA announces two-factor SecureID for better authentication.
For Enterprise Zone | September 16, 2003
Most Help systems are still in the 90s, with homogeneous, nearly monochromatic user interfaces. RoboHelp X4 can inspire you to renew your Help systems, giving them rich, graphical user interfaces, thanks to integration with the Macromedia Flash Player.
For Enterprise Zone | September 16, 2003
As more enterprises find themselves adding Windows machines amongst Unix, Linux, and mainframes, IBM concentrates on communicating competitive advantages in security and scalability—even in a platform polyglot.
For Web Development Zone | August 25, 2003
All the Studio MX products get a facelift, while the Flash product gains a more traditional forms-based development metaphor and now ships in both standard and Professional versions.
For DevX | July 14, 2003
DevX has a new parent company and with it new opportunities to do what we've always done ... better.
For Wireless Zone | March 17, 2003
You're about to be drafted into the mobile development army. Users' and organizations' needs are outflanking IT's defenses. Why is this happening? And when the battle comes to your regiment, will you be armed for success?
For .NET Zone | February 13, 2003
In an interview with David Simmons, CTO of SmallScript Corp., we learned about a new .NET language about to debut, the ins and outs of its gestation, as well as some insider history behind the creation of the .NET platform.
For .NET Zone | February 12, 2003
With the technical groundwork for .NET development already paved and, for many developers, traveled as well, Microsoft's attention turns now to the business of delivering the next set of productivity features.
For Web Development Zone | February 10, 2003
Macromedia launches a new subscription program designed to give developers test access to a variety of its products at a lower price point.
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