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Author Bio
Mark Smith currently holds the position of Director for Valtech Technologies, Inc. (www.valtech.com). Prior to joining Valtech, Mark spent 13 years in the defense industry before launching out into the consulting world. Now, as Director for Valtech, Mark has technical oversight on all J2EE projects encompassing more than 100 developers and millions of lines of code.

Mark and his Valtech team have helped over 80 Cobol/waterfall programmers become effective in Java/J2EE and Agile methodologies. In addition, Mark works with senior staff members on strategic directions of the entire shop of 400 developers for technology and process.

For Java Zone | April 24, 2006
In the tradition of Spring, JBoss offers Seam, which uses a declarative state model, extensive use of annotations, and two-way dependency injection to make automation of huge portions of your complex Java EE apps not just possible, but downright sensible.
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