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More articles by Mark Watson

Author Bio
Mark Watson is a Java consultant and the author of 14 books on Java, artificial intelligence, C++, and intelligent agents.
For Java Zone | November 25, 2009
Creating useful content and services is expensive and time consuming. Why not amortize your efforts by publishing those creations to multiple platforms? The Google Wave platform enables you to do just that.
For Open Source Zone | September 12, 2009
When you need to build small, native standalone applications, Gambit-C Scheme provides a high-level dynamic language with good runtime and memory performance, as well as good deployment options.
For Java Zone | June 24, 2009
Learn how to use the Java version of the Google App Engine by implementing search and document storage on a Java web application running on the platform.
For Web Development Zone | November 1, 2008
Merb is potentially much faster than Rails, and the combination of Merb and Ruby can provide the performance most web apps require. Find out how Merb can deliver a 2-4X speed increase over Rails and why that makes it better for certain applications.
For Java Zone | August 23, 2008
The semantic web enables you to use information from disparate sources in different formats/schemas without having to convert the data to a standard format. Get an introduction to semantic web application development using Java and JRuby.
For Open Source Zone | February 15, 2008
Find out how to leverage the Ruby and Rails support in NetBeans 6.0, and then learn some techniques for deploying Rails applications on a Linux server efficiently.
For Ruby Special Report | April 25, 2007
Ruby's versatility and flexibility complement Java well. That's why a Java developer who can program in Ruby is more effective and efficient than one who programs only in Java.
For Java Zone | August 25, 2005
A satisfied IntelliJ IDEA 4.5 user reviews the new features in the IntelliJ 5.0 release. As productive as the enhancements to the new IDE are, he explains why he still probably will switch to Eclipse down the road.
For Enterprise Zone | May 11, 2005
Reduce development time by using Ruby to access network services. Not only is Ruby a high-performance programming language, but its concise programming notation also enables you to write programs quickly.
For Java Zone | March 29, 2005
Get a crash course in using Lucene, an open source Java library that enables you to add indexing and search capabilities to your Web applications and documents.
For Get Help | March 15, 2004
In production environments, JVMs are often killed and restarted either automatically or manually. JVM shutdown hooks provide a clean and simple mechanism for registering application-specific behavior that performs the required cleanup work when a JVM terminates.
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