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Author Bio
Martyn Mallick is Senior Software Engineer in Product Management and Wireless Solutions Evangelist for iAnywhere Solutions, a subsidiary of Sybase Inc. He works with enterprise corporations implementing enterprise mobile solutions, conducts training seminars worldwide on mobile and wireless technology design, development, and deployment, and is a regular guest speaker at major conferences.
For Wireless Zone | May 30, 2003
Mobile and Wireless Design Essentials provides a detailed analysis of the complete range of current mobile and wireless technologies from a software developer's perspective. Chapter 9: ''Persistent Data on the Client'' discusses your options for maintaining client data and covers the pros and cons of every type of data store.
For Wireless Zone | March 17, 2003
When you have mobile workers that need to read and write from a database, you have some tough decisions to make. Where should the data be stored and how should it be transmitted? A smart client architecture might provide the right balance for your applications.
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