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Michael Jones is the Director of Systems Architecture for Passport Health Communications, Inc., which provides a one-stop, comprehensive, administrative, and financial management tool for hospitals and physicians. He has the pleasure of working with a fantastic team of developers on a product line that is revolutionizing the administration of healthcare across the country. Michael, his wife, and three children live in Franklin, Tennessee where he spends his spare time reading and enjoying time with his family outdoors.
For ASP Zone | August 24, 2004
Lengthy Web requests, such as those that process and format complex reports, tie up threads from the ASP thread pool. When the number of ASP requests exceeds the number of available threads, you'll see a dramatic slowdown in response time. To solve the problem, you have to make your ASP pages run faster. And to do that you need to decouple the background request processing from the requesting ASP thread. Here's how.
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