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More articles by Michael M. David

Author Bio
Michael M. David is the founder of Advanced Data Access Technologies, Inc. Previously, he was a staff scientist and the lead XML architect for NCR/Teradata, and served as their representative to the ANSI SQLX Group. He has more than 25 years of experience researching and designing commercial nonprocedural heterogeneous database hierarchical query processing products using flat, relational, and hierarchical data. He authored the book Advanced ANSI SQL Data Modeling and Structure Processing, as well as numerous papers and articles on this subject. You can find additional information on hierarchical data structures, principles, navigationless processing, and automatic processing as well as a demo.
For XML Zone | April 16, 2009
Discover the flexibility and power of using ANSI SQL to reshape and transform hierarchical structures.
For Devx Special Reports | February 24, 2009
Although adding multiprocessing capabilities to applications is labor-intensive and error-prone, adding multicore capability to SQL query processing can be automatic, benefiting huge numbers of applications with little developer effort.
For XML Zone | January 16, 2009
You can use SQL to connect or "mash-up" hierarchical structures, joining them at or below the root to create larger queryable hierarchical structures.
For XML Zone | September 23, 2008
Although current databases limit XML processing to linear XPath or XQuery queries, existing hierarchical database techniques enable far more complex queries using standard SQL.
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