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More articles by Michael Pilone

Author Bio
Michael Pilone is a senior software engineer for Vangent, Inc., where he currently works on Java-based SOA and web service technologies. Michael is currently obtaining a master's degree in Information Technology Project Management.
For Java Zone | February 7, 2009
SpringSource's Spring Integration (SI) framework does not provide an endpoint for message persistence in a database. By writing a custom channel adapter, you can easily integrate database persistence into SI.
For Java Zone | September 20, 2008
The callback approach to mapping from Java objects to XML solves many of the problems found with existing solutions. Find out how to "stream" objects in and out of XML—while still gaining all the benefits of object-to-XML mapping.
For XML Zone | March 20, 2007
Learn how to combine the StAX and XMLBeans APIs to leverage the benefits of each: StAX to parse and chunk incoming XML into a manageable size and XMLBeans to load the chunks into objects for processing.
For Enterprise Zone | April 25, 2005
Why add virtualization to your next project? How about a protected sandbox environment, easily recoverable systems, and preconfigured demonstration and training machines for a start?
For Java Zone | September 23, 2004
Creating and managing temporary files in a Java application can be a little tricky due to some open JVM bugs. Develop a workaround with some custom code and a clever design.
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