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More articles by Narayanan A.R.

Author Bio
Narayanan A.R. is a passionate advocate of test-driven development, agile methodologies, Java technology, and design patterns. He has several years of experience in software design and development using Java technologies.
For Java Zone | July 31, 2009
Learn how to fetch and persist data on the server with a Java server-side implementation, JSON, and the Yahoo! User Interface.
For Java Zone | April 30, 2009
Learn how to use Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Web components to develop a real world application with just the right mix of JavaScript/AJAX.
For Java Zone | March 18, 2009
Java developers who develop web applications with server-side frameworks often don't have the JavaScript expertise to create rich user interfaces. Learn how Yahoo User Interface (YUI) can help bridge that gap.
For Java Zone | December 7, 2007
Like Apache's Jakarta Commons Collections, the recently released Google Collections Library also enhances the Java Collections Framework but offers some unique enhancements you may prefer.
For Java Zone | December 9, 2005
Explore Jakarta Commons components that enable you to parse arguments in a command-line application, connect to various file systems at the same time, allow an application to uniformly access configurations loaded from various sources, and pool any object.
For Java Zone | November 12, 2005
This second installment of a three-part series further explores components in Jakarta Commons and presents real world examples to demonstrate how you can use them in your projects.
For Java Zone | October 4, 2005
Explore the components in the Jakarta Commons set of reusable classes and you'll be convinced that most of them should be part of the JDK. Learn which ones you should use in your projects.
For Java Zone | June 15, 2005
Aspect-oriented programming claims to address problems that traditional object-oriented programming doesn't completely or directly solve. Find out how true that claim is with a line-by-line comparison of the two techniques.
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