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More articles by Narendra Venkataraman

Author Bio
Narendra Venkataraman is a software architect at Tellytopia Inc. In his spare time, he blogs at Naren's Developer Diary.
For Database Development Zone | June 9, 2009
Implement a CRUD automation framework that handles insert and simple queries, an easy way to talk to a database without needing to write any database-access code.
For Java Zone | April 24, 2007
Reusing a framework usually is a good idea, but sometimes developing your own code for a specific task is easier. Developing code to convert a Java application into a Windows service turns out to be one of those rare cases.
For Java Zone | February 28, 2007
A Java developer determines where in a real development scenario he would use the two new navigable interfaces in Java SE 6, NavigableSet and NavigableMap, and comes away a bit disappointed.
For Java Zone | August 16, 2005
A monitoring server is critical to any server-side infrastructure, be it an e-commerce or a telecom solution. Learn how to build a DIY (do-it-yourself) monitoring system using an extensible object-oriented framework.
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