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More articles by Nigel McFarlane

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The late Nigel McFarlane was a freelance science and technology writer, and a leading commentator on Mozilla and Firefox technology. He was the author of "Firefox Hacks" published by O�Reilly Media and "Rapid Application Development with Mozilla" for Prentice Hall PTR and a frequent contributor to the open source movement.
For Web Development Zone | August 16, 2005
Microsoft invented the XMLHttpRequest object for Internet Explorer, but it's now supported in Safari, Opera and Mozilla browsers, although the underlying implementation is different. Still, the interfaces are similar enough that—with a little effort—you can use the XMLHttpRequest object to exchange data with servers, no matter which browser is running.
For Web Development Zone | August 11, 2005
XML Data Islands and XML Data Sources aren't a new idea—and they are no longer exclusive to Internet Explorer, either. Here's how to use data islands generically, without getting locked in to any one vendor's implementation, and make your data-centric Web pages work across all modern browsers.
For Web Development Zone | April 21, 2004
Microsoft's Longhorn will introduce XAML, an application development framework for Web and Windows apps. But just how different is XAML from the already-available public standards set by the W3C?
For Web Development Zone | March 18, 2004
Few Web development tasks are messier or more tedious than implementing a DHTML hierarchical menu. Fortunately, all that spaghetti code is going away. Here's what the future of hierarchical menus looks like for Mozilla.
For Open Source Zone | February 6, 2004
The Mozilla Platform is a large software development tool that is a modern blend of XML document processing, scripting languages, and software objects. It is used to create interactive, user-focused applications. This book is a conceptual overview, reference, and tutorial on the use of the platform for building such applications.
For DevX | November 25, 2003
Windows Longhorn is a demonstrably powerful and ambitious concept, but the architectural principles are hardly new. From 10,000 feet, Mozilla's architecture looks remarkably similar.
For Web Development Zone | November 5, 2003
HTML, the Everyman document markup standard, stands still these days as newer technology flows around it. Guest commentator Nigel McFarlane says those whose current jobs depend on their deep knowledge of HTML had better take note.
For Web Development Zone | September 5, 2003
Built-in type-conversion in JavaScript makes using numbers so easy that developers rarely even think about using them. Surely that simplicity isn't as perfect as it seems! Just how good is the number support in JavaScript anyway? In this article you'll explore the edges of the world of numbers in JavaScript.
For Web Development Zone | October 23, 2002
Win the usability war on your Form-oriented Web page with this new DHTML slider that acts just like the one your desktop GUI has supplied for years.
For Web Development Zone | October 21, 2002
Mozilla 1.0 is busting out and it can display a lot more than just text, links, and images. Check out the interaction of display standards at work in this new browser.
For Web Development Zone | October 21, 2002
XUL is a new Netscape/Mozilla XML dialect that describes the elements of a traditional user interface. Faster and cleaner than HTML, it might just be the quickest way yet to code a UI.
For DevX | October 21, 2002
The future of GUI development isn't class libraries, frameworks or platformsit's XML.
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