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More articles by Paul Ferrill

Author Bio
Paul Ferrill, based in Chelsea, Alabama, has been writing about computers and software for almost 20 years. He has programmed in more languages than he cares to count, but now leans toward Visual Basic and C#.
For Enterprise Zone | August 13, 2010
The biggest idea to get across about the Windows Azure Appliance, which some are calling Azure in a box, is that it's a work in progress.
For Enterprise Zone | July 2, 2010
Microsoft believes its programming model for the fledgling Azure helps set it apart from cloud competitors.
For .NET Zone | February 2, 2008
IronRuby represents the marriage of the Ruby language to the .NET Common Language Runtime.
For Vista Special Report | March 1, 2007
By adding OS-level support for RSS in Vista and making that support available to .NET developers, Microsoft has provided an easy way to build completely new classes of applications with little additional effort.
For .NET Zone | December 27, 2006
Although intended primarily for large teams, sometimes VSTS can simplify life on smaller teams as well. Find out whether your smaller teams might benefit.
For Wireless Zone | July 11, 2006
AppForge's latest version of Crossfire lets you write mobile apps in .NET languages for numerous devices. While this release adds support for Research In Motion's Blackberry, it currently lacks access to PIM and native Blackberry Java functionality.
For .NET Zone | January 25, 2006
Debugging is hard enough—even without the complications involved in debugging multithreaded programs—so tools that can simplify your debugging tasks are definitely worth evaluating. SmartInspect lets you log and view any type of data, and is particularly useful for multithreaded debugging tasks.
For .NET Zone | June 30, 2005
IronPython brings the interactivity and productivity of the Python language to the.NET world.
For Open Source Zone | June 2, 2005
Developing cross-platform programs that rely on Windows Forms takes a big step forward with the latest release of the Mono platform.
For .NET Zone | September 3, 2004
Running basic ASP.NET applications on other platforms using Novell's open-source Mono project is as easy as copying the files to the new system. For ASP.NET 1.x authors, cross-platform code is fast becoming a reality.
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