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More articles by Premshree Pillai

Author Bio
Premshree Pillai is an open source technologist and freelance writer from Mumbai, India. He likes to evangelize the use of Python for development. He blogs here.
For Wireless Zone | September 2, 2004
If you've ever used your mobile device to check your Yahoo! Mail or check the news, you've used a Short Messaging Service (SMS). This article takes you through the inner-workings of these near-ubiquitous services, finally demonstrating how to SMS-enable your weblog.
For Scripting | April 17, 2004
This file creates an executable file from a Python file specified by the user and writes the new executable to disk.
For Open Source Zone | February 26, 2004
The py2exe project gave Python authors a way to create executable files, but using it can be time-consuming; particularly when you need to create executables repeatedly. Here's how to automate the process.
For Web Development Zone | June 4, 2003
The Tabular Data Control is an ActiveX control built into Internet Explorer (versions 4 and upwards). You can use this control to extract ordered contents from an ASCII file into HTML elements, and then display them—with a little help from JavaScript.
For XML Zone | May 14, 2003
The XML Data Source Object is an ActiveX control that allows you to manipulate data between XML files and HTML pages. This article will show you the basics of how to extract content from various XML data sources and how to present that data using a little JavaScript.
For XML Zone | April 15, 2003
Learn how to build a JavaScript app that reads data from external XML files, traverses that data, and then displays it in a tree format.
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