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More articles by Puneet M. Sangal

Author Bio
Puneet M. Sangal, Practice Manager, has 12 years' experience in global management, project management, selling services, consulting, and software development in Europe, Pacific, India, and the U.S. He has studied executive management at IIM Calcutta, and holds an MS from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, and a BE from BIT Ranchi.
For Enterprise Zone | July 31, 2009
By building a model and following these best practices for your remote consulting business, you can avoid problems and reduce costs.
For Enterprise Zone | July 14, 2009
Load balancing is a critical component for scaling web applications while maintaining performance levels.
For Web Development Zone | July 1, 2009
Understanding HTTP's cache headers and compression capabilities is a prerequisite for building high-performance web applications.
For Enterprise Zone | June 12, 2009
Managing global-scale technology demands practices and skills beyond traditional local project management.
For Java Zone | September 7, 2005
Just as design patterns provide a way to communicate concisely about desired software practices, antipatterns provide the equivalent advantages for communicating undesirable practices—and here's a set of common antipatterns to get you started.
For Web Development Zone | July 21, 2005
If you're tired of generating static bandwidth-heavy JPG files for charts, maps, and other graphic images in your Web applications, SVG provides a way to display and interact with dynamically-generated graphics in a browser.
For Web UI | October 13, 2004
This tip shows you how to hide .jsp names from the URL by defining a mapping in the web.xml file.
For Open Source Zone | August 6, 2004
Sure, you can create a custom framework for multi-format publishing, but why bother? It's already been done. Take advantage of Apache Cocoon's ability to deliver PDF and HTML documents on demand.
For XML | July 19, 2004
Huge Ant files can make it difficult to follow the targets and dependencies. This tip shows you how to get a graph of all your targets with their hierarchy in the form of an image or an SVG file.
For XML with Java | June 15, 2004
Executing an application from a .jar file can be painful sometimes if you need to specify a classpath. This tip tells you how to execute a .jar file easily without all the usual debugging.
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