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More articles by Raghu Donepudi

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Raghu Donepudi, an independent contractor, currently is a technical manager for a federal government agency. He has a master's degree in Computer Science from Lamar University in Texas. He is a Sun-certified Java developer and the author of many software design techniques.
For Java Zone | July 31, 2008
Developers are increasingly required to take over and maintain multiple projects. Doclets, a new addition to Java SE 6, provides a mechanism for learning the source code of Java projects with relative ease.
For Enterprise Zone | April 18, 2008
Grid computing, the idea of executing code among various computers to solve complex time- and resource-intensive algorithms, has intrigued researchers for decades. GridGain lets Java developers tap into the grid.
Find out why using JavaFX Script to build GUIs and add rich graphics functionality to Java applications is a no-brainer for seasoned Java Foundation Classes/Swing developers.
For Java Zone | October 25, 2006
Applying the same database connection code for all session beans can lead to stale DB connections in large enterprise Java applications. Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J) has a new mechanism to nip this problem in the bud.
For Java Zone | May 12, 2006
By embedding Java DB in your Java application, you provide a portable database that launches and shuts down as the application does. If that's not enough, you can create XML schemas on the fly using XML files and insert rows into a table without using SQL too.
For Java Zone | March 13, 2006
Learn how to analyze load test data and calculate the performance capacity of your enterprise Java applications during development.
For Java Zone | January 5, 2006
If you don't profile your large enterprise Java applications prior to releasing them to production, they can fail or render poor performance. Learn how standard JDK profiling tools can provide in-depth analysis of your application's JVM memory usage.
For Java Zone | October 13, 2005
Any J2EE developer knows how hard enterprise Java can be. Find out how the set of new Java EE 5.0 features, such as Web services support, annotations, and enhanced CMP, can make it easier.
For Java Zone | September 2, 2005
Have you experienced the pain of parsing and extracting XML data inside Java applications? Then you'll love DOM4J. Find out how flexible, high-performance, and memory-efficient implementations of this XML framework can ease the hardships of XML-based Java application development.
For XML Zone | July 28, 2005
With the goals of compact syntax and compatibility, the Regular Language Description for XML (RELAX NG) eases the pain of working with cumbersome DTDs and XSDs.
For Java Zone | March 3, 2005
The java.util.concurrent package in J2SE 5.0 provides a new thread framework for handling many of the low-level details associated with creating, executing, and managing threads. Take a closer look at its important features.
For Database Development Zone | January 26, 2005
Help your database optimize SQL queries by including hints in your SQL statements. Used correctly, hints can reduce the running time of your queries significantly.
For XML Zone | November 24, 2004
XML version management can be a real pain point in integrated Web services applications. Learn how to handle it with XMLBeans.
For Java Zone | October 26, 2004
By using the SWT listener classes effectively as this article prescribes, you can win the hearts of your Java application users with highly responsive GUIs.
For Java Zone | September 17, 2004
The Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) provides five different layout managers to help you create complex, flexible user interfaces for your Java apps. Find out about all five of them in this article.
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