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More articles by Ram Lakshmanan

For Java Zone | February 7, 2019
Eclipse Memory Analyzer (MAT) is a powerful tool for heap dump analysis. Ram Lakshmanan shows you the differences between incoming references and outgoing references.
For DevX | September 11, 2018
Review some common myths regarding garbage collection and learn the actual truth behind them.
For DevX | June 25, 2018
Learn an easy technique to troubleshoot OutOfMemoryError in Android apps.
For DevX | June 15, 2018
Learn more about a few different options to capture Heap Dumps from Android apps.
For DevX | April 2, 2018
Memory leaks don't have to be hard/scary/tedious problems to solve if you follow these three simple steps.
For DevX | November 8, 2017
See some suggestions regarding what could be triggering Garbage Collection in your Android run time environment.
For DevX | October 31, 2017
Learn more about how the release of Java 9 re-implemented GC logging using the Unified GC logging framework.
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