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More articles by Rama Ramachandran

Author Bio
Rama Ramachandran is Vice President of Technology with Imperium and is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and Site Builder. He has extensive experience with building database systems and has co-authored several books including Professional VB.Net, Introducing .Net, and Professional ASP Data Access (Wrox). Rama also teaches Visual Basic and Web Development at Fairfield University and University of Connecticut.
For ASP Zone | August 1, 2001
Use automatic control-building routines to create and populate checkbox and radio button controls from a database.
For ASP Zone | July 1, 2001
Use automatic control-building routines to create and populate HTML combo and list box controls from a database.
For ASP Zone | June 1, 2001
Build HTML forms in no time with ASP.
For Get Help | February 1, 2001
Creating a new appointment in Outlook based on information visible in a browser is a manual process. Automate this process by providing your users with a clickable appointment feature that automatically copies the appointment information into their desktop.
For Get Help | January 1, 2001
Learn how to create a visual calendar metaphor without popups. With some creative DHTML, the date can be selected within the same browser window by using a drop-down calendar control metaphor.
For Get Help | December 1, 2000
How to make a calendar page pop-up functional by filling in user-entered date fields on a form.
For Get Help | November 1, 2000
Create a visual calendar metaphor to allow users to enter dates in the format your application requires.
For Get Help | August 1, 2000
Learn how to generate graphs from an ASP page so you'll never again have to jump through hoops with ASP code to generate static HTML displays.
For ASP Zone | August 1, 2000
Tidy up your server-side programming techniques with these 10 great tricks for classic ASP.
For Get Help | July 1, 2000
Use this technique to send an entire Web page to your friend (or yourself)—text, HTML formatting, graphics, and all.
For Get Help | May 1, 2000
Remote Data Services can be used to access live data from a database and send a recordset object back to the browser where it can then be manipulated. Thus, you can enable a paging mechanism where the user navigates from page to page.
For Get Help | April 1, 2000
Learn to use the Tabular Data Control (TDC) feature of Internet Explorer to let users navigate from page to page without making a round trip back to the server for data.
For ASP Zone | April 1, 2000
As ASP programmers you must resolve to code better, more efficiently, and with performance in mind. Here are some resolutions I hope you will adopt and stick to.
For Get Help | March 1, 2000
Learn how to improve data access performance to load your pages faster and how to incorporate sorting and filtering on paged recordset data.
For ASP Zone | March 1, 2000
Enforcing authentication via an ASP page requires you to maintain login state.
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