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More articles by Ramanujam A. Rao

Author Bio
Ramanujam A. Rao is a software architect and engineer specializing in designing and developing enterprise applications. He currently consults in the areas of enterprise application architecture and helps build scalable, distributed applications on the J2EE platform. Contact him at arrao@acm.org.
For Java Zone | October 26, 2007
Java EE 5 provides all the features you need to build a robust enterprise application right in an EJB 3.0 container, but incorporating the relative strengths of Spring and Hibernate can further improve the productivity and quality of your application.
For Java Zone | February 22, 2007
Combine Axis2, the next-generation web services API of Apache Axis, with Spring to expose POJO-based, domain-tier applications as both REST- and SOAP-based web services.
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