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More articles by Ramasubramanian Thiyagarajan

Author Bio
Ramasubramanian Thiyagarajan is a senior software engineer involved in the design and development of Java EE applications.
For Java Zone | May 8, 2012
Developers can use Apache Hive and Hadoop for data analytics on large web logs, analyzing users' browsing patterns and behavior.
For Java Zone | May 7, 2012
Mod_cluster and a dynamic Tomcat cluster can help ensure that your Web applications utilize resources efficiently.
For Java Zone | March 6, 2012
Developers who use Hadoop for big data processing have some productive options for data serialization, data compression and class formatting.
For Java Zone | February 29, 2012
Using LZO compression and a protocol buffer can improve the speed and scalability of your large dataset processing.
For Java Zone | September 29, 2011
Find out how to bring a protocol buffer -- the simplest and most efficient way to manage structured data -- into your Java object management.
For Web Development Zone | June 10, 2010
The ability to share hardware, software, application development, and maintenance results in cost savings.
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