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Author Bio
Randy Holloway specializes in application server technologies, including SQL Server and BizTalk, in Microsoft's Central Region. He is also the author of the book "Developing Solutions with SQL Server 2005" from Addison-Wesley. Check out his weblog here.
For .NET Zone | January 11, 2006
See how the development process in BizTalk Server 2006 makes it easier to include Web services in your orchestrations.
For Database Development Zone | June 29, 2005
By leveraging HTTP endpoints and SOAP in SQL Server 2005, developers can bypass IIS and use SQL Server directly to expose Web services and simplify their applications.
For Database Development Zone | June 15, 2005
The CLR integration features in SQL Server 2005 enable managed code to run inside the database, but developers now need to choose between CLR-based features and T-SQL when building applications. Find out when each is appropriate.
For .NET Zone | July 2, 2003
If the default remoting behavior doesn't suit your needs, change it! Leverage .NET Remoting and its extensible infrastructure to build customized message sinks that can help integrate your applications.
For .NET Zone | April 8, 2003
Extend the power of Cassini, Microsoft's source-available Web server based on the .NET Framework, to provide a lightweight HTTP server for your applications.
For .NET Zone | November 19, 2002
Use GDI+ and the System.Drawing classes to simplify the process of manipulating images.
For Enterprise Zone | October 21, 2002
BizTalk Server supports the defining and changing of business processes through BizTalk Orchestration, which enables messaging and the integration of application components. Randy Holloway explains how to use BizTalk Orchestration and Web services integration.
For .NET Zone | October 21, 2002
Use the System.Reflection classes in the .NET Framework to write, execute, and interact with code you write dynamically at run-time from your applications.
For XML Zone | March 19, 2002
Use SQLXML's Web services to access XML data directly from your ASP.NET applications.
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