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More articles by Ray Rischpater

Author Bio
Ray Rischpater is the chief architect at Rocket Mobile, Inc., specializing in the design and development of messaging and information access applications for today's wireless devices. Ray is the author of several books on software development including "eBay Application Development" and "Software Development for the QUALCOMM BREW Platform," both available from Apress, and is an active amateur radio operator.
For Devx Special Reports | April 23, 2008
By looking at the past trajectory of mobile devices in the marketplace, we can better understand where mobile computing is headed.
For Wireless Zone | February 28, 2008
There's more to the Brew Logger than DBGPRINTF. Learn how to interpret the various log messages and even do some debugging without the logger on handsets.
For Wireless Zone | November 16, 2007
Dictionaries are an essential data structure in many of today's programming environments. Use this one in your next Brew application.
For Wireless Zone | October 10, 2007
Tired of managing collections by hand in your legacy Brew development? Then try using a more general approach, such as a vector or dictionary wrapped in a reusable Brew interface.
For Wireless Zone | April 26, 2007
Leverage one of the most ubiquitous computing standards, HTML, from within your Brew uiOne Toolkit-based application.
For Wireless Zone | April 11, 2007
Learn how to scale images using both IImage and ITransform under Qualcomm Brew.
For Wireless Zone | December 30, 2006
Brew's impressive collection of component interfaces usually makes your life easier, but there just isn't an interface for everything. What happens when an interface is almost perfect for your task...but not quite? Find out how to extend an interface to use its existing functionality while adding something completely different.
For Wireless Zone | November 21, 2006
With a free (albeit poorly integrated) tool chain from Nokia and more capable IDEs from the likes of Borland and Metrowerks, and various initiative announcements over the last twenty-four months, choosing a tool chain for the new developer has been a Byzantine affair. With the announcement of Carbide.j and Carbide.c++, Nokia has just made the decision-making process much easier.
For Wireless Zone | October 23, 2006
Although OpenGL ES makes 3D graphics programming significantly easier and more portable, developers must still work to tune their applications for the greatest performance possible. This article features tips and tricks gleaned from the experts.
For Wireless Zone | September 8, 2006
Until recently, developers wanting to provide a 3D graphics experience on BREW faced significant challenges: developing or porting your own 3D engine. With the introduction of OpenGL ES for BREW, you now have access to a state-of-the-art 3D rendering platform that’s portable across mobile platforms and devices.
For Wireless Zone | August 3, 2006
Learn how to harness cooperative multithreading in BREW to avoid writing applications that block the CPU during lengthy operations.
For Wireless Zone | July 10, 2006
With the rapid growth in market share for BREW, an increasing number of firms are looking to port their C-based algorithms to BREW. Read about four common challenges involved in doing so and learn how to tackle them.
For Wireless Zone | June 5, 2006
One of today's biggest challenges in developing mobile applications isn't a technical concern, but a business one: reaching the consumer. SMS.ac helps bridge this gap by providing access to the subscribers of more than 400 carriers around the globe and their Mobile Pod distribution system. Learn how to tap this market by using their xPML markup language to reach their subscribers.
For Wireless Zone | May 8, 2006
Learn to capture audio on BREW-enabled handsets using the IMedia or IVocoder interfaces.
For Wireless Zone | March 31, 2006
Learn how to migrate your Enterprise J2ME applications to Palm-Powered devices including the Treo 650 and Palm LifeDrive.
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