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More articles by Riccardo Govoni

Author Bio
Riccardo Govoni has been working since 2003 as a J2EE developer on a variety of applications ranging from financial services to middleware in the IP television field. He currently works for Google as a software engineer. He is a Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP).
For Web Development Zone | January 29, 2009
Get a practical overview of the Google Visualization API, from the basics of simple charting to the complexities of implementing your own custom data sources.
For Web Development Zone | December 31, 2008
Use the advanced CSS features of JavaScript and jQuery to create web applications that behave and look like desktop applications, fueled by drag-and-drop, mouse selection, panning, zooming, and more.
For Java Zone | November 11, 2008
Get an overview of the JavaScript programming language, from its basic structure and underlying paradigms to its high-level constructs, concepts, libraries, and functionalities—all of which are powering the current generation of web applications.
For Web Development Zone | May 21, 2008
What is OpenSocial and how can you use it to build web applications that leverage the power of social networks? Find out while going from a basic example application in a local sandbox to a full-featured application deployed in a live container.
For Open Source Zone | April 16, 2008
Just about every web application uses the username and password combination for authentication. OpenID offers a better way. Learn how to integrate OpenID authentication in your Rails 2.0 applications.
For Open Source Zone | March 12, 2008
Want to get started with Rails 2.0? Explore some of the most prominent new features, and learn how to use them to build a simple, but visually attractive, web application based on Flickr.
For Web Development Zone | November 28, 2007
The new Eclipse Rich AJAX Platform (RAP) is a server-side platform that multiple concurrent users can access via their browsers and Eclipse RCP developers can learn in no time.
For Java Zone | August 14, 2007
Bring the power of JavaScript into your Eclipse workspace and learn how to make the most of it.
For Open Source Zone | July 3, 2007
Get the lowdown on the Eclipse JET code generator and learn how to use it to automate your development processes.
For Java Zone | May 9, 2007
JSR-223 defines various kinds of interactions between scripting languages and the Java platform. Learn how to enhance the Eclipse platform and its Rich Client Platform applications with JSR-223 scripting capabilities.
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