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More articles by Rich Quackenbush

Author Bio
Rich Quackenbush is lead software engineer for Vitech Corporation. He has been developing software for 10 years and has worked on a broad range of products.
For .NET Zone | March 20, 2009
Office Open XML uses OPC to store documents. Here's how to use packages for your own purposes.
For .NET Zone | June 20, 2008
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) can interoperate with Windows Forms, letting you add legacy controls to your new interface—or new WPF controls to your existing Windows Forms applications. Either way, you need to make them play nicely together.
For DevX | May 13, 2008
The command framework in WPF provides a set of powerful tools that let developers build more intelligent user interfaces.
For .NET Zone | December 27, 2007
Caching can help minimize network traffic when building service-oriented architecture applications; unfortunately, Microsoft's Caching Application Block falls short in a few areas.
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