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More articles by Robert Cadena

Author Bio
Robert Cadena is owner of factorysouth, a wireless application development company that creates handheld, wireless, and Web-based games for entertainment companies. You can reach him at robt.cadena@stanfordalumni.org.
For Wireless Zone | June 19, 2003
The latest IDE in the CodeWarrior line will have you building and deploying mobile applications for phones and handsets in no time. With pluggable support for a wide variety of platforms and VMs (including J2ME, Personal Java, and J2SE), CodeWarrior Wireless Studio promises a shortened development cycle and all the features you'd expect from CodeWarrior.
For XML Zone | April 4, 2003
Enhydra's kXML is a great little XML parser with a small footprint, making it perfect for J2ME apps. It uses a unique method of DOM manipulation and parsing called "pull parsing." Find out whether kXML is must-have for your toolbox.
For Wireless Zone | March 18, 2003
Writing a user interface for your app that runs on all of today's mobile devices can be a huge challenge. Among the things you need to consider: diverse appearances, functionality, memory, screen real estate, and persistent storage availability. This article describes the many pitfalls of developing a user interface for diverse devices and tells you how to devise a plan that will save you time and headaches.
For Java Zone | January 31, 2003
Web server configuration and caching problems are just two of the obstacles you'll need to overcome when you deploy Java applications on cell phones. This article provides the workarounds and solutions you'll need to overcome these bumps.
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