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More articles by Roberto Giorgetti

Author Bio
Roberto Giorgetti is an IT manager and technical writer based in Italy. He is mainly interested in open source exploitation in business and industrial areas. Roberto holds a degree in Nuclear Engineering.
For Open Source Zone | September 15, 2009
Erlang, a language for concurrency, is a good choice for writing parallel programs to fully exploit current and future multicore CPUs.
For Open Source Zone | January 1, 2009
Find out how much of the Mono 2.0 (and beyond) platform is available for Debian users who want up-to-date .NET compatibility.
For Open Source Zone | October 4, 2008
Encrypt your files transparently in Linux with eCryptfs, an enterprise-class stacked cryptographic file system.
For Open Source Zone | July 14, 2008
Build a system to securely talk to your Linux server via email using an email client, GnuPG, procmail, and PHP.
For Open Source Zone | May 15, 2008
Use PHP to create a secure Internet file-sharing application that employs a database abstraction layer and separates HTML design from PHP programming.
For Enterprise Zone | March 7, 2008
Take a journey around the world of Ubuntu 7.10 without exiting from Debian. Along the way, you'll learn how to run multiple Linux-in-Linux instances for development and study.
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