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Robin 'Roblimo' Miller is a writer, editor, and online community builder; author of three IT-related books; and a skilled video director, editor, and producer. He's been covering technology, politics, and business since 1985 for assorted print and online publications, and was a Slashdot editor for 10 years under his "Roblimo" nom de net.
For Java Zone | August 1, 2012
Today, we have large, multi-ported computing environments that can tolerate large workloads, and highly virtualized services--and we have the cloud. We almost certainly have existing Java code we want to move to our cloud, and will almost certainly want to add more Java, but now we'll want it to be native in the cloud. And that's what Waratek offers.
For Web Development Zone | December 15, 2010
Check our rundown of five sub-$100 video editing programs that we have used and found to work competently on most decent hardware running Windows XP, Vista or 7.
For Security Zone | October 7, 2010
Experts worry that there may be some "Son of Stuxnet" worm out there, spread manually, like Stuxnet, or by some other vector, that will one day cause dangereous problems.
For Web Development Zone | September 29, 2010
The acquisition increases its total number of users from fewer than 20,000 to more than 100,000.
For Web Development Zone | September 15, 2010
Why some sites have peaked and others are gaining traction in the aggregation space.
For Open Source Zone | September 8, 2010
A mix of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS is the choice of most high-end sysadmins Robin Miller knows.
For Java Zone | September 7, 2010
'Java won't die; it will limp along,' one source says, but it has 'hit the complexity wall.'
For Open Source Zone | August 30, 2010
Your best bet is to try at least a couple of the editors we've recommended here and decide which one fits.
For Open Source Zone | August 28, 2010
It's sad that Microsoft, with all its billions, can use software produced by altruists, for free, without contributing so much as a dime back to the project.
For Web Development Zone | August 20, 2010
Letting an ISP decided that it should carry one kind of content but not another, or that it should allow certain types of content to flow through its pipes faster than others, is a bad thing.
For DevX | July 19, 2010
Many online news organizations use search trends to determine what articles to assign. A lot of old-line writers think this idea is evil. Here's why.
For Enterprise Zone | July 13, 2010
Robin Miller has seen this sort of thing before: Remember when "The Network was the Computer?"
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