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For blog | October 19, 2009
You Can't Teach Expertise
For blog | June 16, 2009
Good Search Capabilities Often Trump Good Logic
For blog | April 24, 2009
If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em: Think Robotics
For blog | March 17, 2009
Search Makes Branding Increasingly Irrelevant for Technical Content
For blog | January 27, 2009
10 Tips for Writing Consistently Popular Programming Articles
For blog | January 8, 2009
Economic Downturn Not Necessarily Bad for Developers
For blog | September 19, 2008
VMWare Chief Chiefly Wrong
For blog | August 20, 2008
Executives Avoiding Cloud Computing in Droves
For blog | July 1, 2008
Are Expectations of Privacy Age-Related?
For blog | June 5, 2008
Tech Ed 2008—Unifying Everything
For blog | May 20, 2008
Location-Based Computing: Letting Computers Know Where Things Are
For blog | April 22, 2008
Expecting Multi-Core Miracles
For Arrays | June 30, 2003
Want to declare and initialize a string array, but tired of typing all those quotes and commas? You can do it with one line of code.
For .NET Zone | March 10, 2003
Launching new threads is easy, but it's not as obvious how you can pass parameters to the threads and get the results back. In addition, accessing Windows Forms controls from multiple threads can cause problems. In this article, you'll see how to pass parameters, receive results, and access controls safely from multiple threads in a Windows Forms application.
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