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More articles by Sahil Malik

Author Bio
Sahil Malik Sahil Malik is a Microsoft MVP, INETA speaker, a .NET author, consultant and trainer, and a well-rounded overweight geek. He has a passion for SharePoint 2007, data access, and application architecture. Sahil loves interacting with fellow geeks in real time. His talks are full of humor and practical nuggets. His talks tend to be highly charged, fast moving, and highly interactive. Be sure to check out his blog.
For CoDe Magazine | April 21, 2009
Innovative solutions sometimes require multiple ingredients. Find out how to mix it up with SharePoint, WCF, and Silverlight.
For CoDe Magazine | January 6, 2009
Merge your SharePoint development with WCF to work around some of SharePoint 2007's problems and enable the thin .NET development model.
For CoDe Magazine | October 2, 2008
Part 1 of this two-part article covered five architecture- and management-focused topics you wish they had told you about SharePoint. This article follows up with five more topics targeted specifically toward SharePoint developers.
For CoDe Magazine | September 8, 2008
SharePoint customers and developers often experience common problems; these solutions can help.
For CoDe Magazine | July 26, 2008
Discover several ways to search SharePoint efficiently, searching lists, sites, and even entire SharePoint installations.
For CoDe Magazine | April 22, 2008
I am a self-confessed command line junkie. Sure, I see value in GUIs—and they're great for getting accustomed to a tool—but after crawling, the command line lets you walk, run, and then fly!
For CoDe Magazine | December 17, 2007
SharePoint 2007 search is extremely extensible and flexible, letting users search multiple data sources through a single interface.
For CoDe Magazine | March 21, 2007
Find out how to make your Web Parts communicate with each other and share data.
For CoDe Magazine | December 12, 2006
Web Parts can help you build better Web sites. Find out why and learn the ins and outs of building and deploying them.
For CoDe Magazine | August 14, 2006
A Microsoft MVP offer his 10 tips for helping you dispatch the time goblins and get more done in less time.
For CoDe Magazine | June 27, 2006
If you use DataAdapters and love their automatic connection-opening and closing capabilities—and ever use transactions, you should first understand what's really going on underneath the covers.
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