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Author Bio
Sander Hoogendoorn is a Partner with Ordina, a large software consultancy company in the Netherlands. He is specialized in modern software development, from software development methods, object orientation, UML, component-based development, and software architectures including Java and .NET. Sander is a member of the advisory board for Software Release Magazine and writes a monthly column for SDN Magazine. He speaks frequently at seminars and conferences in Europe, and his book "Pragmatic modeling with UML 2.0" (in Dutch) was published by Addison Wesley in 2004. (www.sanderhoogendoorn.com)
For Architecture Zone | November 18, 2010
This approach of mixing best practices, techniques and tools from Scrum and Smart has proven to be very successful in a variety of projects and project types.
For Enterprise Zone | May 26, 2005
In the old days, when applications primarily consisted of a number of windows and a database, using reference data was still easy. You would create a reference table and refer to it from your main tables. Nowadays, in object-oriented environments, where your business logic is key, there are more alternatives for dealing with references.
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