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More articles by Sangeetha S.

Author Bio
Sangeetha S. works as a technical architect at E-Commerce Research Labs at Infosys Technologies. She has more than 14 years of experience in the design and development of Java and Java EE applications. She has co-authored a book on J2EE Architecture and also has written articles for JavaWorld and java.net.
For Java Zone | December 14, 2011
The smaller Java 7 enhancements, which are at the heart of Project Coin, make the Java language much simpler for developers.
For Java Zone | November 11, 2009
Find out which features in the upcoming Servlet 3.0 specification will affect a major change in the way developers build Java web applications.
For Java Zone | September 22, 2009
Learn how the JAX-RS API and annotations enable you to develop REST-based web services in Java.
For Java Zone | July 21, 2009
Get a sneak preview of the new modularity and lightweight features in Java EE 6.
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