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Author Bio
Sanjay Shetty is the CEO of Wireless Strategist & Consultants, a consultancy for mobility, design, architecture, and Microsoft.NET. He is the Microsoft Regional Director in Mumbai, India.
For Wireless Zone | September 1, 2006
The new Managed APIs in Windows Mobile 5.0 enable developers to do more, whether it's interacting with Pocket Outlook, working with the new telephony API, or sending and receiving SMSs. This article will help you get started using WM 5 with a great sample application that uses the State and Notification API to automatically sends an SMS message to callers when you are busy.
For .NET Zone | July 14, 2005
XML is the most popular technology for structuring data. .NET 2.0 provides much needed functionality to enable one to build XML-based applications. The enhanced DataTable now supports reading and writing XML data, which is crucial in creating XML-enabled applications.
For Wireless Zone | November 25, 2004
Besides adding a multitude of new features and more than 30+ new controls, Microsoft also made every control in ASP.NET 2.0 mobile aware. Learn how to leverage these new mobile capabilities and what bugs to avoid while mobile-enabling your Web-based applications.
For .NET Zone | July 22, 2004
XML is the most popular technology for structuring data. Encryption of XML data is crucial to ensure end-to-end security for applications that require secure exchange of structured data. .NET 2.0 provides simple mechanisms to encrypt and decrypt data, thereby enabling security of your data.
For Wireless Zone | February 4, 2004
The mobile controls provided with ASP.NET are often insufficient. When that happens, a custom, from-scratch direct control is what you need. This article explains the ASP.NET mobile rendering model and guides you through the process of building your own custom mobile control.
For Wireless Zone | December 3, 2003
The form factor is new, but developing applications for these cutting-edge devices is mostly old hat. Armed with just a few additional principles and warnings, you can be making apps for SmartPhones long before the rest of the pack.
For .NET Zone | November 7, 2003
Data binding can be used for more than just data. When you want to change the value of controls based on the state of other controls, data binding is the right solution.
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