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More articles by Sara Morgan Rea

Author Bio
Sara Morgan Rea is a 2007 Microsoft MVP for Office Communications Server. Her first book, Building Intelligent .NET Applications, was published in 2005. In addition to co-authoring several Microsoft Training Kits, she recently published Programming Microsoft Robotics Studio. She currently works as a robotic software engineer at CoroWare.com.
For .NET Zone | August 21, 2008
Yes, you can teach robots to "see." Using the web camera service available with Microsoft Robotics Development Studio, you can program a simulated robot to follow lines autonomously.
For .NET Zone | June 6, 2008
Bringing together the best of concurrent and distributed development, Microsoft Robotics Development Studio (MRDS) services allow you to create useful service-oriented applications.
For .NET Zone | November 30, 2006
With the newly released Microsoft Robotics Studio and Parallax's Boe-Bot Robot Kit, which uses Bluetooth technology, robotic programming has become accessible to anyone with .NET programming skills.
For .NET Zone | October 9, 2006
Earlier this year Microsoft released Microsoft Robotics Studio—an SDK that you can use to program robots ranging from small robots like the iRobot Roomba vacuum to the large robots used on assembly lines.
For .NET Zone | March 16, 2006
Learn how to build speech recognition applications that let you control devices using voice commands. This article shows how you can control a robot's movement with spoken commands.
For ASP Zone | February 14, 2006
Silence may be golden, but increasingly, applications, appliances, and other automated systems are acquiring the ability to speak. You can take advantage of text-to-speech technology to voice-enable your .NET applications.
For .NET Zone | January 9, 2006
Speech-enabled applications require specialized grammars that clearly define the types of input they're expected to parse and understand. Find out how to build grammars by walking through the process of building a grammar for an order status retrieval system that lets callers retrieve orders by voice.
For .NET Zone | November 1, 2005
Using Microsoft Speech Server, .NET developers can build telephony or voice-only applications quickly and easily. This article lists 10 tips to consider before designing these types of applications.
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