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More articles by Scott Nelson

For Enterprise Zone | December 7, 2012
Not all software development project tasks must be done in a sequence. With Agile requirements prioritization you can complete the deliverables and tasks in order of importance.
For Enterprise Zone | October 3, 2012
Over the years I've learned application deployment processes that have gotten me home by dinner. In this article, I share my application deployment process tips and explain how you can reap the benefits in your work.
For Architecture Zone | September 6, 2012
With appropriate planning, management, and presentation a Proof-of-Concept can become a key part of a successful Enterprise Architecture
For Architecture Zone | February 22, 2012
The perceived chasm between enterprise architecture and Agile Software Development can be bridged by leveraging the processes common to both.
For Enterprise Zone | October 6, 2011
Call it pragmatic, call it streamlined, but don't call the Pragmatic Enterprise Architecture Framework (PEAF) TOGAF lite.
For Enterprise Zone | September 15, 2011
Looking for a Swiss Army Knife for your enterprise architecture toolbox? Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect could bring out your inner MacGyver.
For Enterprise Zone | August 30, 2011
Adopting the software development methodology that best fits your organization is key. In scenarios where Agile isn't the answer, the Spiral Model may be.
For Java Zone | August 5, 2011
Learn everything you need to know about integrated source control with Eclipse and Subversion. You'll be able to seamlessly manage source code and other shared files in your software projects.
For Architecture Zone | July 26, 2011
ArchiMate can help simplify the various enterprise domain models, illustrate where they overlap and facilitate understanding between stakeholders and domain experts.
For Architecture Zone | June 17, 2011
Here are some ways that an enterprise architecture gets lost on the way to maturity and some alternate paths to get back on track.
For Java Zone | May 6, 2011
PrimeFaces -- a lightweight rich UI library that's easy to use -- is shaping up to be a heavyweight contender for the holy grail of JSF libraries.
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