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More articles by Sebastian Ware

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Author's bio: Mats Helander has founded and is CTO of the object-relational mapping tools company Pragmatier. Sebastian Ware has founded and is CEO of Pragmatier. Pragmatier is available at http://www.pragmatier.com.
For VB-2-the-Max | June 30, 2003
This report proves that the robust object-relational mapping technique implemented by Pragmatier Data Tier Builder scales out almost linearly when adding more servers in a Windows 2000 Advanced Server Network Load Balanced (NLB) web farm. An impressive 66 million page requests per day were served with sub second response times (550ms, no image download) by four dual processor PIII application servers with a four-way Xeon database server and a dual processor PIII shared state server.
For VB-2-the-Max | November 4, 2002
What are the benefits of using object relational mapping as persistence mechanism rather than .NET DataSets? Real-world use shows that developers who choose to work with persistent objects make more robust, scalable and maintainable software. By using object relational mapping you can still access data by connecting directly to the RDBMS, unlike choosing an OODBMS. There is a lot to be gained by using O/R mapping technology, and this article just talks about this.
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