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More articles by Seth Livingston

Author Bio
Seth Livingston is the CTO of Adventos, LLC, a training, mentoring, and delivery partner for Microsoft solutions and software development best practices. Seth splits his time among seminars, classes, mentoring, and guiding Adventos' technical direction. He lives in McKinney, Texas.
For .NET Zone | January 13, 2009
Discover the power of F# by writing a complete card-shuffling program in only 92 lines of code.
For .NET Zone | December 12, 2007
Please your users by making your applications recover intelligently and restart smoothly after failures with this .NET-savvy integration wrapper for the Application Recovery and Restart API.
For .NET Zone | August 9, 2007
Instrument real-time and logged performance monitoring in your applications with the new Performance Logs and Alerts API.
For Vista Special Report | March 1, 2007
Microsoft's Common Log File System is an OS-supported logging framework that provides all the logging capabilities you need—and it's available via managed code and your favorite .NET language.
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