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Author Bio
Shane Curcuru has been a developer and quality engineer at Lotus and IBM for 12 years and is a member of the Apache Software Foundation. He has worked on such diverse projects as Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus eSuite, Apache's Xalan-J XSLT processor, and a variety of XML Schema tools. Reach him via e-mail at shane_curcuru@us.ibm.com.
For XML Zone | October 14, 2003
As your repository of schemas grows, you need tools to manipulate and manage your schemas. The Eclipse XSD Schema Infoset Model has powerful querying and editing capabilities. This article shows you how to update a schema for use with SOAP by automatically converting attribute uses into element declarations.
For XML Zone | October 21, 2002
IBM's new XML Schema Infoset Model provides a complete modeling of schemas themselves, including the concrete representations as well as the abstract relationships within a schema or a set of schemas. Learn how to use this powerful library to perform complex queries on your own schemas.
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