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More articles by Shirish Joshi

Author Bio
Shirish Joshi is a senior developer at Persistent Systems Ltd. in Pune, India.
For Database Development Zone | May 1, 2009
Oracle 10g introduced a new feature called ROWDEPENDENCIES, which made every row independent. Learn how to use this feature to improve application concurrency and avoid the dreaded ORA-8177 error.
For Database Development Zone | January 31, 2009
Determining which queries will provide the best performance for a given application often comes down to a simple question: Does Query X perform better than Query Y? Learn the tools and methods that can help you compare query response times in Oracle.
For Database Development Zone | August 9, 2004
Mandated compliance with various regulations has placed an emphasis on data protection, retention, and security lately. This guide gets past the legalese and tackles electronic records management in Oracle using audit trails.
For Database Development Zone | January 22, 2004
Properly developing and deploying an Oracle application requires a strong knowledge of network configuration and setup. This article discusses Oracle Net Services, the suite of products that enables a connection between your application and the Oracle database, and how best to configure and troubleshoot it.
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