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More articles by Sridhar MS

For DevX | March 6, 2018
See how to use INSERT IGNORE in MySQL for cases in which ignoring duplicates might be useful.
For DevX | June 27, 2017
Learn how to easily view the certificate of a website in Chrome.
For DevX | June 19, 2017
You do not need to learn sophisticated tools such as Photoshop for a quick and dirty edit.
For XML with Java | May 2, 2006
Learn how to secure your .jar files using the jarsigner tool.
For Data Types | November 23, 2005
Dates are generally a requirement for every application. However, including dates for users across the globe can be tedious, because different people use different formats to read the date.
For Data Management | January 5, 2005
Ever deleted some tables accidently and had to waste your time doing them all over again? Oracle, in conjunciton with Triggers, provides an easy solution to this problem.
For SQL | December 1, 2004
This SQL code retrieves the nth Maximum and nth Minimum values in the column specified in <COLUMNNAME> from the table <TABLENAME>.
For XML with Java | April 14, 2004
Converting input data into decimal/integer format can be tedious, but this tip tells you how to use the Java API to improve the process.
For Other Web Development | March 17, 2004
For SQL | February 4, 2004
For XML with Java | December 17, 2003
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