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More articles by Srini Penchikala

Author Bio
Srini Penchikala works as an Information Systems Subject Matter Expert at Flagstar Bank. His IT career spans over nine years with systems architecture, design, and development experience in client/server and Internet applications. He has been involved in designing and developing J2EE applications since 1998. Srini holds a Master's degree (Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville) and a bachelor's degree (Sri Venkateswara University, India) in Engineering. In his free time, Srini loves to research new J2EE technologies and frameworks.
For Java Zone | October 31, 2006
Implement remote services from plain Java classes using the Spring HTTP invoker, which combines the simplicity of HTTP communication with Java's built-in object serialization.
For Web Development Zone | May 24, 2006
SlickEdit's latest version is indeed slick, supporting advanced editing capabilities for multiple file types, but it lacks a few features offered in other editing environments.
For Java Zone | October 20, 2005
Find out how to add cache monitoring to your applications using JMX MBeans and AOP technologies—without altering the application code.
For Java Zone | August 16, 2004
It's easy to monitor and load-balance your Tomcat clusters using JMX MBeans. JMX provides a flexible, modular, and reusable framework for managing your J2EE server components.
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