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More articles by Stephen Lum

Author Bio
Stephen Lum, a senior developer for an investment bank in London, has been programming in Java for more than seven years. He is Sun certified as a Java programmer, Oracle certified as a developer, and also is a CPA.
For Java Zone | June 23, 2006
Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) is fast becoming the framework of choice for building thick client applications. Get a step-by-step guide to leveraging Eclipse RCP with Spring.
For Java Zone | June 6, 2006
Web 2.0, rich Internet applications, and heavy JavaScript have become the latest rage. But why build a Web application that tries to look and act like a thick client when you can leverage a traditional J2EE/Web application server architecture to easily deploy an actual thick client?
For Java Zone | December 8, 2004
Follow this complete step-by-step guide to integrate the Jad decompiler into Eclipse. Along the way, you'll find out what makes this particular Java decompiler such a handy addition to the developer's toolkit.
For Java Zone | May 20, 2004
EJB and the Struts framework each have received plenty of coverage individually, but what about leveraging EJB and Struts together? This tutorial lays out a complete step-by-step guide to integrating these two technologies.
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