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Commercializing the X Internet, Steve Shireman founded eFishAntSea to solve main-stream business problems with Advanced X Internet solutions. With over 27 years of product development in these areas: VLSI manufacturing, dairy automation with RF AutoID, safety-critical train automation, CDMA data wireless product design (including the only "land-line transparent" wireless local loop products, telematics systems, and the fastest wireless data TCP/IP/RLP implementation) Steve is pioneering some vertical market integration such as X-SCADA� and education with other X Internet partners and businesses.
For Open Source Zone | April 26, 2005
Building on Part 1 of this article, not only can you create a working spreadsheet in just a few bytes using REBOL, but you can extend it to support printing, standard keyboard navigation, macros containing code, and even make it shareable and dynamically updatable—while still using only a few bytes of code.
For Open Source Zone | March 7, 2005
Even in today's big-computing environment, not everything useful has to be big. This article shows you how to build a tiny and basic—but powerful—GUI spreadsheet engine in REBOL, using fewer than 1500 bytes of code.
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