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More articles by Steve Stefanovich

Author Bio
Steve Stefanovich has spent over a decade with RDA Corporation as a developer and principal architect focusing on custom application development using Microsoft .Net and SharePoint technologies. Steve is a frequent contributor to RDA's Architecture and Collaboration blogs.
For .NET Zone | June 6, 2009
Change is inevitable, but with a little planning and a few key principles, you can minimize the impact that changes have on your WCF service consumers.
For .NET Zone | April 18, 2009
Adding MSMQ to your WCF-based service adds complexity, but any challenges from that complexity are greatly outweighed by the benefits.
For Architecture Zone | March 3, 2009
Queues provide a useful isolation layer between a service and a caller (or vice-versa) and become a place for messages waiting to be processed.
For Architecture Zone | January 28, 2009
The Windows Communication Foundation simplifies reliable messaging.
For .NET Zone | November 25, 2008
Windows Communication Foundation simplifies the creation of transactional services.
For Architecture Zone | October 25, 2008
Don’t let the term, "governance" strike fear in your heart while planning your Service Oriented Architecture. You might already practice governance and don’t even know it. Now learn how to use governance to your advantage.
For Architecture Zone | September 18, 2008
Use the Microsoft Managed Services Engine to manage the changes in your SOA.
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