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More articles by Steven S. Warren

Author Bio
Steven S. Warren is a writer in Florida. He is the author of The VMware Workstation 5 Handbook and held the Microsoft MVP award for 8 consecutive years. You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
For Enterprise Zone | September 22, 2011
The new Rackspace managed cloud service offers 24/7/365 monitoring, troubleshooting and administrator assistance. But there's no magic button for easy cloud adoption.
For Enterprise Zone | April 4, 2011
Despite lacking some developer-friendly tools offered by other cloud services, Citrix OpenCloud provides seven solutions that together can meet almost any cloud-based need.
For Architecture Zone | March 24, 2011
Amazon's pricing scheme for the EC2 cloud platform makes it accessible to every level of developer.
For Enterprise Zone | February 25, 2011
For a cloud service to become popular, it has to be powerful, yet simple. Box.net is just that.
For DevX | February 16, 2011
SugarSync may be the ideal cloud service for heavy media users, but beginners seeking simple file upload or backup may need to look elsewhere.
For Architecture Zone | February 3, 2011
Cloud storage services are gaining popularity and momentum as they promise to protect you for a reasonable price.
For Web Development Zone | January 26, 2011
The simplicity and cross-platform compatibility of Dropbox make it a great first step into cloud computing.
For Architecture Zone | January 24, 2011
If you've embraced cloud storage but need a tool to bring that storage to the desktop, check this solution.
For Web Development Zone | January 18, 2011
With this update, now in beta, Microsoft is trying to clean up IE's image by adding functionality and enhancements, including a download manager (finally).
For Architecture Zone | December 27, 2010
Many of these services are available for free but vary in usability and simplicity.
For Architecture Zone | December 15, 2010
Rackspace recently began offering its customers a hybrid hosting solution that encompasses what they call Hybrid Computing.
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