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More articles by Tareq Shaheen

Author Bio
Tareq Shaheen is an architect and senior consultant with Ejada, an IT solutions and services company.
For Java Zone | May 30, 2009
Combine publish/subscribe messaging, JMS, and WebSphere MQ to build powerful message-oriented applications simply.
For Java Zone | February 12, 2009
Utilize the power of IBM WebSphere MQ messaging middleware by writing your applications to the Java Messaging Services open interface.
For Java Zone | June 23, 2007
A software architect explains what makes IBM Rational Software Architect a powerful IDE for his challenging job.
For Java Zone | December 5, 2005
Learn how to enable your Struts Web applications to handle Eastern languages such as Arabic just by using the basic Struts support for i18n and some additional Java/JSP code.
For Java Zone | September 15, 2005
Using custom exceptions that separate application from system exceptions enables you to concentrate on handling only the exceptions that are meaningful to your application.
For Java Zone | March 29, 2005
Used with JavaScript and JSP code, iFrames elegantly resolve the "hang" issue that occurs when a Web application fetches values from the server.
For XML with Java | April 25, 2001
Container classes, like java.util.ArrayList, are general purpose object holders in the sense that they hold java.lang.Object references and not class specific references. Therefore, you can ...
For Classes | March 6, 2001
This tip clarifies the meaning of
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