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More articles by Thiru Thangarathinam

Author Bio
Thiru Thangarathinam works at Intel Corporation in Chandler, Arizona. He's a Microsoft MVP who specializes in architecting, designing, and developing distributed enterprise-class applications using .NET-related technologies. He is the author of the books "Professional ASP.NET 2.0 XML" and "Professional ASP.NET 2.0 Databases" from Wrox press and has coauthored a number of books on .NET-related technologies. He is a frequent contributor to leading technology-related online publications.
For .NET Zone | July 23, 2009
Building WCF services declaratively in XAML lets you integrate services with workflows and provides flexibility that identical services implemented in code cannot.
For .NET Zone | February 6, 2009
SQL Server's new FILESTREAM feature simplifies the process of keeping file-based data, such as images, in sync with relational data.
For .NET Zone | July 17, 2008
ASP.NET's new ListView control provides template-based layout for both display and CRUD database operations, making it an extremely way to build data-centric Web applications.
For .NET Zone | April 30, 2008
Build fully-editable Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) database front-ends easily and discover how to group and aggregate data using the new LinqDataSource control in ASP.NET.
For .NET Zone | February 13, 2008
The LinqDataSource control gives your applications native .NET object mapping to back-end data stores, unifying data access and reducing the need for store-specific coding.
For .NET Zone | December 7, 2007
Adding reusable, configurable, and robust logging to your applications can't get much easier.
For .NET Zone | October 27, 2007
Give your applications seamless and reusable error handling and logging services with the powerful toolset from Enterprise Library 3.0.
For .NET Zone | August 15, 2007
Use standardized caching to simplify your development and reduce hard-to-find bugs.
For .NET Zone | July 6, 2007
Avoid the tedious and error-prone task of writing validation "plumbing" code by integrating the Validation Application Block into your .NET applications.
For .NET Zone | March 13, 2007
LINQ lets you use an object-centric approach to access and update data along with convenient automated mapping. Best of all, you don't have to completely rewrite your applications to take advantage of it.
For Vista Special Report | March 1, 2007
Lose your dependency on third-party search engines by integrating your applications with Vista's Windows Desktop Search.
For Vista Special Report | March 1, 2007
You're probably used to hosting WCF services with IIS, but Vista and IIS 7 provide a much more powerful and lighter-weight option that supports additional protocols besides HTTP.
For .NET Zone | January 11, 2007
LINQ provides a straightforward yet expressive SQL-like syntax with which you can query an Entity Data Model and uses anonymous types to return strongly-typed results.
For .NET Zone | December 8, 2006
The Entity Data Model and ADO.NET vNext let you deal with tabular data as objects, eliminating much of the effort endemic to older data-retrieval and modification code.
For .NET Zone | November 3, 2006
ADO.NET vNext is a leap forward in database programming, using mapping files to isolate your applications from relational database schema changes, and letting you choose whether to deal with data directly as objects or as tabular data.
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