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More articles by Vipul Patel

Author Bio

Vipul Patel is a Program Manager currently working at Amazon Corporation. He has formerly worked at Microsoft in the Lync team and in the .NET team (in the Base Class libraries and the Debugging and Profiling team). He can be reached at vipul.patel@hotmail.com.

For Web Development Zone | August 29, 2013
Walk through for cloud developers of the basics of using Amazon Web Services' Elastic Load Balancing, which allows services to handle traffic evenly.
For Web Development Zone | August 19, 2013
Vipul Patel walks developers through the basics of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Auto Scaling and how to use it.
For Web Development Zone | August 12, 2013
This article walks .NET developers through the steps of getting started to write applications using Amazon EC2.
For Web Development Zone | August 6, 2013
Learn more about the various compute offers available from Amazon Web Services. Knowing what's available will help developers better architect their cloud applications.
For Web Development Zone | July 30, 2013
Explore Amazon's cloud offerings, marketed as Amazon Web Services, which can be used to build dynamically scalable services and solutions.
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