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More articles by Vlad Patryshev

Author Bio
Vlad Patryshev is an R&D engineer at the Java Business Unit of Borland. He recently started the myjavatools.com project.
For Java Zone | January 25, 2007
When you have a cascading map in Java, which index goes first and how do you scan the whole collection? Use Java maps that have two sets of keys.
For Java Zone | February 25, 2005
Anybody who regularly switches between Perl and Java can find Java lacking in elementary operations. Try out a utility that bundles all the methods and helper classes that Java is missing into one class.
For Java Zone | June 25, 2004
Several Java packages work with RSS. Some can read certain formats, while others can write them as well. The class this article features reads all known RSS formats and outputs the converted data in the 2.0 format.
For Java Zone | October 28, 2003
Sending multipart/form data from Java is a painful process that bogs developers down in protocol details. This article provides a simple, real-world solution that makes sending POST requests as simple as sending GET requests, even when sending multiple files of varying type.
For Web UI | August 6, 2003
For Java Zone | July 25, 2003
When dealing with XML, you need a convenient representation of the XML data in memory. This article offers Java programmers a solution to achieve this goal: an easy-to-use package for handling XML data in Java.
For XML with Java | November 10, 2001
This is a piece of my actual code. It's rather self-explanatory.
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