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Wei-Meng Lee is a Microsoft MVP and founder of Developer Learning Solutions, a technology company specializing in hands-on training on the latest Microsoft technologies. He is an established developer and trainer specializing in .NET and wireless technologies. Wei-Meng speaks regularly at international conferences and has authored and coauthored numerous books on .NET, XML, and wireless technologies. He writes extensively on topics ranging from .NET to Mac OS X. He is also the author of the .NET Compact Framework Pocket Guide, ASP.NET 2.0: A Developer's Notebook (both from O'Reilly Media, Inc.), and Programming Sudoku (Apress). Here is Wei-Meng's blog.
For Wireless Zone | July 21, 2010
Learn how to combine these two popular application templates in your iPhone apps.
For Wireless Zone | July 7, 2010
Wei-Meng Lee walks you through the use of the UIScollView and how to shift your views upward when a keyboard pops up.
For Wireless Zone | May 12, 2010
Obtaining the accelerometer data allows you to build very interesting applications, such as a spirit level, as well as games that depend on motion detection.
For Wireless Zone | May 4, 2010
In Xcode 3.2, Apple has integrated Clang, a source code analysis tool that finds bugs in C and Objective-C programs.
For Wireless Zone | April 29, 2010
This article discusses the two classes supported in the iPhone SDK for video playback.
For Wireless Zone | April 19, 2010
The third method of developing your application for multiple devices is to maintain separate targets for your app.
For Wireless Zone | April 12, 2010
Now that Apple has lifted the NDA on the iPhone 3.2 SDK, it's time for developers to start developing iPad applications.
For Wireless Zone | February 19, 2010
Bonjour is Apple's implementation of the Zeroconf protocol, which enables the automatic discovery of computers, devices and services on an IP network.
For Wireless Zone | January 14, 2010
Another cool feature of the GameKit framework is the support for voice chat.
For Wireless Zone | December 18, 2009
Learn how to communicate with a server using TCP/IP and how to build a simple chat application.
For Wireless Zone | December 15, 2009
Learn how to communicate with a server using TCP/IP and also how to build a simple chat application.
For Wireless Zone | December 3, 2009
Go beyond the basics of the iPhone Table View with examples for grouping rows into sections, displaying an index on the side, and adding a Search Bar.
For Wireless Zone | November 5, 2009
Find out the various ways you can call web services and parse responses from your iPhone applications to give your applications a huge range of data sources.
For Wireless Zone | October 27, 2009
Find out how to use the flexible iPhone Table View, which does double duty to display data in a table or a list, both with and without graphics.
For Wireless Zone | September 30, 2009
Knowing where a device is opens the door to all kinds of innovative applications—and the iPhone's Core Location framework makes discovering location simple.
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