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More articles by Wellie Chao

Author Bio
Wellie Chao has been active in the business of technology for many years, has been involved with software and hardware since 1984, and has been writing Web-based software in a variety of languages and on different platforms since 1994.
For Enterprise Zone | March 9, 2006
Build an automated portal solution that allows employees to view their QuickBooks information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You could just as easily apply the solution to the integration of an internal reporting system that needs access to the books of the business.
For XML Zone | February 7, 2006
Learn how to programmatically control QuickBooks using the COM-based QuickBooks SDK 5.0. You'll be able to free yourself from those time-consuming, repetitive QuickBooks tasks.
For Virtual Machines Special Report | January 30, 2006
Think implementing virtual machine technology in your datacenter is a no-brainer? Think again. You'll need to determine whether the VM benefits outweigh the drawbacks for your particular environment.
For Open Source Zone | April 12, 2005
Subversion is an open-source version control tool that is superior to CVS. Find out which CVS flaws Subversion rectifies, and see how easy it is to start using this highly useful tool.
For XML Zone | March 17, 2005
Most developers use some kind of XSLT engine to pick out and process data from structured XML files. Learn how XSH, an open source command-line XML shell, lets you interactively query and manipulate this data without the coding overhead.
For Open Source Zone | February 23, 2005
By wrapping the Lucene search engine's return data in XML and then using Cocoon's XML-handling capabilities, you tap into the power of XML for multi-channel publishing of unstructured information.
For Open Source Zone | January 28, 2005
XML and relational databases are a natural fit. Learn how to access PostgreSQL data from Cocoon, so you can develop robust XML-driven applications with a relational backend.
For Java Zone | February 20, 2004
This article demonstrates both mock testing and in-container testing of Web-based applications built with the Struts Model-View-Controller framework. StrutsTestCase, a small testing library that builds on top of the JUnit testing framework, allows you to perform both testing methodologies on Struts applications.
For Java Zone | December 5, 2003
Part I of this article series demonstrated how to set up a test-driven environment and a phone list Web application. Part II completes the demonstration, showing you how to fill out the functionality of the application and perform tests for those new functions.
For Java Zone | November 26, 2003
The HttpUnit client API complements JUnit functionality to provide thorough Web testing capability. This first article of a two-part series breaks down how HttpUnit delivers these features and walks you through a step-by-step setup of a test-driven environment.
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